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Network Security Planning

Today, facilitating electronic access to information is a key factor in meeting Enterprise mission goals and objectives. But allowing unauthorized access to that same information can be disastrous. Development of a comprehensive Network Security Plan is a major step in ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of Enterprise Information. Mainstay is able to provide Analysts and Engineers who work together with you to prepare realistic and cost-effective Plans. These plans will address such elements as Virus Detection/Prevention, Password Architecture, Firewall Implementation and Intrusion Detection.

Key Benefits
  • Network Security Planning reduces costs.
  • Provides a secure working environment.
  • Enhances the day to day operations.

Plan/Policy/Procedure Review/Development

Mainstay Analysts have extensive experience in the review, development and implementation of organizational Plans/Policies/Procedures. This experience is in the Federal, Public and Private Sectors.

Architecture Review/Enhancement

Mainstay Engineers and Analysts have designed, developed,  installed and maintained Federal, Public and Private Sector system architecture. They are experienced with both classified as well as sensitive but unclassified system architecture.

Countermeasure Review/Recommendation

Mainstay Engineers and Analysts working as a team have designed, developed, implemented and maintained countermeasures that are cost effective and mission enhancing allowing for a safe and secure work environment. They understand the criticality of Federal, Public and Private Sector infrastructures and the information processed or contained therein.