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IT Perimeter Defense

Information Technology (IT) Security Perimeter Defense Analysis and Implementation is a comprehensive program designed to provide Mainstay Clients with complete protection against nearly all forms of illegal and /or unauthorized intrusion from external sources. Our uniquely-tailored program focuses on providing state-of-the-art defenses, which protect distributed environments and internal subnets from most forms of hacking and social engineering, through the combined use of commercially available security solution, real-time monitoring tools, and effective security policies and procedures.
Key Benefits
    Detect Unauthorized access to sensitive/proprietary information
    Provides for Incident Response
    Provides a secure working environment

Security Awareness Program Design/Development
   Mainstay Training Professionals have extensive experience in the development of both Federal and Private Sector Security Awareness Programs. These programs have met the requirements of existing Plans/Policies and Procedures.

Risk Assessments
   Federal and Public/Private Sector experience in the conduct of quantitative Risk Assessments and Cost Benefit Analysis.

Plan/Policy/Procedure Review/Development
   Mainstay Analyst have extensive experience in the review, development and implementation of organizational Plans/Policies/Procedures. This experience is in the Federal, Public, and Private Sectors.

Disaster Recovery Planning
   Mainstay Analysts have experience in the design, development and implementation of the Disaster Recovery Planning Process. This process will provide Process Overview, Team Organization, Plan Maintenance, and Plan Exercise.

Architecture Review/Enhancement
   Mainstay Engineers and Analysts have designed, developed, installed and maintained Federal, Public and Private Sector system architecture. They are experienced with both classified as well as sensitive but unclassified system architecture.

Countermeasure Review/Recommendation
   Mainstay Engineers and Analysts working as a team have designed, developed, implemented and maintained countermeasures that are cost effective and mission enhancing allowing for a safe and secure work environment. They understand the criticality of Federal, Public and Private Sector infrastructures and the information processed or contained therein.

Federal Regulations
   Mainstay Engineers and Analysts are well versed in all applicable Federal Regulations, Guidelines, Policies and Procedures.